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So we have a confession to make. We reviewed Busboys and Poets, because we were craving breakfast and the line to Ted’s Bulletin was over an hour long. So we decided to head back to Ted’s, brave the line and see what all the hype was about.

With locations all over the DMV area, we decided to check out their original restaurant in Capitol Hill. As soon as you walk in you’re struck by the place’s unique 1920s, Flapper style diner vibe. If Gatsby wanted to get pancakes after his Hillternship, he’s probably goWith their large selection of food, you have SO many choices. The most popular dish is the “Make Your Mark” where you get two eggs, side of hash browns.

Our wait length was as long as it takes to make and then layer a 12 tier cake, twice… and we only know that because we watched one of the workers do just. However, we will not complain about watching a cake being made because it definitely helped prepare us for the food coma we were about to get ourselves into.

here. The entire front section is dedicated to showcasing their renowned cakes and pop tarts.,choiceIn addition to the “Make Your Mark”, we got the “Avocado Toast” which came with two poached eggs, cheddar cheese and tomatoes. We got a side of bacon, which was ridiculously expensive for the portion,

between any kind of meat, and a side of toast. At  $9.99, this awesome dish is pretty affordable.andlarge pitcher of coffee that was surprisingly very cheap. The “Avocado Toast” cost $13.89, and with the addition of bacon it cost $19.89. We would definitely not splurge for the bacon again.

The food does get a little pricey if you don’t go with the “Make Your Mark”, but we promise it's worth the price. With great portions, there's no way you’ll leave Ted’s Bulletin hungry. The environment is very friendly and you don’t get the rushed treatment in comparison to typical brunch places on asunday morning.

Overall, we highly recommend Ted’s Bulletin, especially the Capitol Hill location. With the family-friendly environment, old-fashioned vibes, and amazing food, Ted’s Bulletin is definitely a place we will be returning to.


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