With All-American-Weekend coming up soon, we’ve been working overtime to find you all a place that’s a step-above the Tenley Chipotle, and worthy of your parents.


So we decided to hit up The Smith, an elegant joint on U Street. Right off the bat, we were super impressed by the service. Instead of the usual routine at most nice restaurants where the waiter asks if you prefer your water “still or sparkling”, servers at The Smith show up to the table with jugs of both so you are able to help yourself.


When it comes to the food, you can’t not have an appetizer! We shared the skillet roasted mac and cheese, and the hot potato chips with blue cheese fondue.


After an extremely underwhelming Mac and Cheese Wednesday at TDR last month, and weeks of eating Kraft in our dorm, we were thrilled to have an edible version of this classic. The Smith’s Mac came fresh out the oven and had the perfect pasta/cheese ratio, and the cheese was deliciously creamy and not too sharp.


The hot potato chips were handmade and were perfectly salted. The blue cheese fondue added an awesome buttery taste.


For entrees, we ordered the spicy fried chicken and the U Street burger.


The spicy fried chicken came with cheddar grits seasoned with jalapenos. It had an awesome cajun kick and was breaded delightfully lightly.


The U Street burger came with crispy onions, sharp cheddar, and an awesome bacon- jam. While the taste was not earthshattering, it’s leaps and bounds better than Elevation Burger.


We also were really impressed by the open atmosphere and French/European vibe. The restaurant is covered floor-to-ceiling with sleek white tiles and an expansive illuminated bar.


Overall we recommend The Smith. While it’s pricier than most joints in Tenleytown, it’s worth the trip especially if you can get your parents to foot the bill.   


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