The biggest game

of the NFL season

WOW! What a game am I right? Not. To all the people who put money on the over/under of 55, just know that I am terribly sorry. Also shoutout to RHA for the viewing party in the Perch. It’s always fun to exclude Letts from activities, and to anyone that took three pieces of pizza and ten wings at the food line, shame on you because I got nothing.


Brooke Wong, Jordan Cyker, Taylor Gorddan, Diana Roy, and Jaidan Idarraga, along with literally 80% of this school, were all happy and celebrated Sunday night’s Patriots win.


Myself, Emma Dann, Jonathan Silver, and everyone who was just cheering against the Patriots were a little less excited with the outcome.


Let’s get into the game, or lack thereof. To the people whose first football game this season was Sunday night, just know that it’s usually a lot more exciting than that. I mean, if Brady is the “GOAT,” than why did it take him three full quarters to even enter the red zone? Pats fans don’t fire back at me and say the Rams didn’t even make it in the red zone the entire game, I didn’t expect anything less from the Rams team with an injured running back and a QB who has been in a downward spiral since Week 14.


I wouldn’t even consider the game to be defensive battle, it just looked like both offenses were incompetent. Neither Brady nor Goff threw for a touchdown or more than 300 yards. So, I propose we start a petition to name New England punter Ryan Allen Super Bowl MVP.


Since we’re on the topic of disappointment, shout out to the Halftime Show for getting us excited about “Sweet Victory” from the Bikini Bottom Bubble Bowl only to have it be an intro for Sicko Mode. That was just straight cruelty.


I can complain all I want about last night but the fact of the matter is the Patriots are a dynasty, as much as I hate it, I can admit that. But at the end of the day, at least this time Brady was kissing someone other than his son.


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