The Most Instagrammable Places in DC

Ever wondered where to get the most Insta-worthy pics in DC? Check out these places and murals that are the most Instworthy in the city.


1.) The Heart Wall at Union Market

The infamous heart wall, that has made its way to L.A., D.C., and other cities, is a must see mural. The heart wall is filled with colorful graffiti hearts created by Mr. Brainwash, an L.A.-based graffiti artist, for International Women’s Day in 2015.









2.) City Center

City Center’s rooftop decor and high-end stores calls for the perfect photoshoot. The rooftop decor is constantly changing from beach balls to flowers to umbrellas, allowing for new scenery that fits the season.










3.) The Watermelon Wall

The Watermelon Wall, placed in Logan Circle, is the perfect summer wall! This wall is painted by the owners on the side of their house, and has become so well known that it has received the name “The Watermelon House” on Google maps.









4.) Blind Whino

The Blind Whino is an old church turned into an art club with a full-building wrap around mural of brightly colored patterns. The patterns and colors are so expansive and diverse, providing you with a variety of photo styles and colors.










5.) U.S. Botanic Garden

The clear sunroof, jungle-like greenery, rose garden, and butterfly garden at the Botanic Garden set the scene for the best nature photos. The natural lighting coming in through the sunroof and the varying plants that can be used as backdrops makes this a go-to spot for nature photography.

Photo courtesy of Anna Grace Johnson

Photo courtesy of Anna Grace Johnson

Photo courtesy of Anna Grace Johnson

Photo courtesy of Anna Grace Johnson

Photo courtesy of Anna Grace Johnson


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