Every Monday and Thursday I go to work at a really great organization called Kid Power Inc out in L’Enfant Plaza. On a recent Monday, however, when the rest of the nation except American University was celebrating President’s Day, I forgot it was a national holiday, therefore, my wonderful office was closed when I got there. Nonetheless, I was just a few blocks away from The Wharf and it was a sunnier day than usual. I headed down to the pier and walked around to see the beautiful display of docked boats on the water, just waiting to see a nice day to take a ride on the Potomac (if any of those boat owners are reading this, feel free to take TheMove team out for a ride). After swinging on the giant wooden swings on the pier, I decided to walk around the shops, restaurants, and concert venues that line The Wharf. Some of my favorites were Milk Bar, another Politics and Prose, and Union Stage which happens to have a great lineup of artists to check out. After walking around I got quite tired and just as I was ready to suffer a 15-minute walk (which isn’t that long I’m just lazy) to the metro the most magnificent thing came speeding down the road: The Southwest Neighborhood Shuttle. This shuttle makes four stops: The L’Enfant Metro, L’Enfant Plaza, The Wharf, and The National Mall. I decided to muster up some energy and take advantage of having a free ride to the National Mall and the shuttle dropped me off right outside the Smithsonian museums. After walking around some museums and the National Mall to celebrate President’s Day in the most presidential way I ever have, I was right at the Smithsonian Metro stop and took it back to TenleyTown. Needless to say, what I thought was waste of a trip all the way out the L’Enfant Plaza, turned out to be an adventurous day to discover the perfect way to see some of the greatest highlights of D.C. and I recommend you all take advantage of it too!  


Since the start of our freshmen year in the fall of 2018, we noticed the social miscommunication among students in the district. Being freshmen in the capital, there are so many things that are offered but no platform that organizes it for college students. After becoming...


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