Throwdown at ThrowSocial

By Adit Roy

This past weekend TheMove took on the newly-opened D.C club, ThrowSocial during their grand opening. The club located in NoMa exceeded our expectations. There were activities for everyone ranging from axe-throwing to footbowling. There were two floors, each modeled after a different theme. The first floor gave off more cozy vibes with fireplaces, s’mores-making stations, and axe-throwing lanes for all visitors.


Meanwhile, they modeled the second floor after Miami, giving out pineapple cups, passed bites, and summer season themed photo stations located across the floor. We started off our time at ThrowSocial on the first floor taking our chances at axe-throwing. Each axe-throwing lane had an instructor stationed to help rookies through their first experience. Getting the axe to stick was a real challenge but after a few tries we got to the hang of it. Upon completing our axe-throwing training, we had a few passed bites on our way to the second floor. On the second floor, we had the chance to meet U.S curling gold-medalist, Tyler George and take a few pics with him. We also played some curling and “footbowling”. This was our first time playing footbowling. The goal of the game is to knock down as many of your opponents pins as possible with the football. While, we got absolutely wiped out of the arena by our opponents it was definitely an experience to remember. We then were greeted with pineapple cups as memorabilia for our experience at ThrowSocial. As we closed out our ThrowSocial experience, we stopped by and made some s’mores at the fireplace while grabbing a few final pics.


Overall, we 10/10 recommend the brand new club to anyone who’s interested in kicking back and chilling with a few friends on Friday night.


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