TikTok Fashion: Why tf and How

By Andre Angeline

Listen, if you’ve been on the internet for any given moment in the past year, there’s bound to have been a TikTok that slithered it’s way through your feed, even if you’re not on the app. The app is a big trendsetter, and props to them for that. However, the crowd it draws and the ones who make the TikToks themselves (lol), tend to be on the extreme side of cringe. Most notably of the cringey communities on TikTok, is what people call “e-boys”. Yup, whatever that means. I’ve been called one numerous times and I’d like to make two things clear. I am pressed that this idea of me even popped into someone’s head. Secondly, I've never made a TikTok in my life, well, not that I remember making at least. There are no words to succinctly describe what an e-boy dresses like, but to put an idea in you head, picture a skinny boy with one skinny chain, a sweater vest, black pants, some black Yeezys, and a Thrasher top, that’s the tweet. It looks wack, and it’s so confusing to me why I see all these people on TikTok being obsessed over it. With that being said, there’s an  audience for it. If you really feel compelled to dress like that, here’s the perfect store you can check out. 



Ah yes, your local mall favorite. There’s nothing better than some skateboards, cheap graphic tees, and the smell of Axe lingering throughout the entire store. With brands like Vans, Champion, and Obey, this place is a gold mine for the unique side of the internet. If you’ve ever wanted to dance to Lalala and look fake hesh, I recommend this place for those who are trying to find pieces for the core of their outfit, like a t-shirt and pants. Pick up that never before seen black Thrasher flame T-Shirt, or even a minimalist Empyre shirt with a really random print on the back. For some pants, go to the back rack and cop some Champion or Empyre pants. But in all honesty, if you go to a bigger Zumiez, sometimes they will carry Dickies at a pretty affordable price. Hold up that’s besides the point, it helps you look cringe! Now in terms of accessories, you can find a very stock wallet chain that is not meant for pants, however you can change that. There will be a ring that you can use as a slot to put your belt in between to stay on your pants, and you can pry it open with your fingers if you exert enough energy, like walking uphill and getting the shin-splints on Mass. Ave. They are literally 9 dollars, cop it. You can also make it into a necklace by using the little lock it has, to link the ring and the chain itself, if that makes any sense, because to me not so much, but to eboys it does. I make my own because iM a rEAL EbOy (please take that sarcastically for the sake of my ego). Additionally, you can find an “edgy” pair of Vans or two on the shelves when you first walk in, because what’s the one thing cooler than Red Octobers? Black Vans.


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