TheFashionMove: When Spring Break Gets Cancelled 

By Ella Seltzer

So, Spring Break is coming up, we should all be excited right? Well, for those of you (myself included) headed home, instead of a luxury, glamorous, boozy Spring Break, there is a whole different outlook on this break. As people start heading out for their travel plans, more and more are realizing their Spring Break wardrobe might look more like sweatpants instead of swimsuits and sunglasses.


There are quite a few reasons you might be stuck on the couch this Spring Break, modeling the sweatpants instead of swimsuits and shorts style. Most recently, however, is canceled flights and travel plans due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) travel warning zones. This looming health crisis has led to hundreds of flights being canceled, and along with it, the end of glamorous Spring Breaker-esque plans. Even worse, some of you are still dead-set on your plans, throwing caution and CDC travel warnings into the wind. If this applies to you, get ready for an even longer break, Spring Break part two: quarantine! Seriously, either do not travel to these high warning zones, or even internationally at all if you can avoid it. Otherwise, I will be forced to do a quarantine and sickness style Fashion Move, which trust me none of us want. Anyway, for those of you now finding your insta-picture-perfect Spring Breaks being canceled due to coronavirus, I have great at-home Spring Break style for you, so keep reading!


If you plan on going home for break, but swear it’ll still be fun since all of your friends are home, think again. More often than not those of us all going home end up finding ourselves stuck on the couch most of the days, since our super weird timing for break means it matches up with basically no other colleges. So, for the majority of break when you’re on the couch, with the exception of the one day you force yourself to hang out with whichever friend never left home for school and stayed local, this loungewear Spring Break guide is also meant for you.


Even though for me, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing sweatpants in public, I do have quite the assortment of them for indoor-wear only. My personal favorites are jogger-style, where you don’t have to worry about long, dragging bottoms of them. Especially being short, when I get a jogger-style pair, I never have to worry about getting a pair of sweats that fit perfectly, except for the length. Even better, for those of you without an adverse reaction to sweats in public, jogger-style are perfect for both a three days on the couch vibe, and to wear into public, all in one! Even though no one needs nice sweats, Lululemon makes very cute, comfortable, and wearable jogger-sweats, that I have been tempted to wear in public quite a few times, and that’s saying something. Best about these, they are the first things to be marked down in Lululemon’s mass post-winter clothing sales, which is how I got my pair. Another good, and cheaper, jogger-style sweatpants I love are the Nike ones. Both regular and fleece-lined, there are a ton of color and style variations making these a great pair to own. For a less sweatpant and lighter style, the Adidas track and soccer pants also make for great lounge-on-the-couch wear. For those of you lucky enough to live somewhere warm enough to wear year-round Birks, any of these sweatpants are perfectly paired with Birkenstocks to complete the loungewear, at-home Spring Break Style. 


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