Ugly Trends That Still Have Not Died

By Ella Seltzer

As we head into Fall and tons of new trends come into style, I am still seeing some of the absolute worst Spring and Summer trends that still haven’t died. Some of these “cute ugly” trends, that first were hated, then loved, should now be hated once again. There is a season and an occasion for certain trends and this upcoming Fall just isn’t it. So please, if any of these ugly, outdated trends are something you have in your closet, use this as your chance to clear your wardrobe for the actually cute trends of the season.


The first needs-to-die trend on my hit list is the FILA chunky sneaker. This super trendy look was something I never vibed with, and should’ve never been considered cute or acceptable. When they first became a thing, most people recognized how hideous they were; a cross between the “dad sneaker” trend and platform shoe trend. I don’t know how, but at some point amongst the vicious memes and taunting, the select few who had and liked these shoes rose up to become trendy. From then on, the popularity of these shoes skyrocketed, and people have been wearing them ever since. I kept hoping a new shoe would come out to replace them, but instead this style only became more and more “in”, with other brands starting to adapt for their own ugly sneakers, each more chunky and garish than the last. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love a good platform shoe and cute sneaker, but together, not so much. Now that it’s Fall, let's all just agree to let these plain ugly shoes die. To be clear, FILA chunky sneakers are in no way cute or stylish, they’re literally just awful. 


Now onto the next and equally awful trend: neon clothing. I have no idea where the idea came from to make every trendy item of clothing in the same colors of a highlighter set. As a small, colored accent, these neons aren’t so bad, but taking them and making it the color scheme for a whole wardrobe is obscene. Now I can’t walk through any store without being blinded by an array of nauseatingly neon clothing. A little bit of neon pink, or even neon yellow, works as a fun color pop for summer, but it is long past summer, so end it now. A bike short/bra combo is already bad enough, but making it in a neon color draws even more attention to an already unfortunately trendy look. I personally don’t get how neon even became a cute color palette for clothes; nothing even goes with it, so you end up wearing more and more neon to the point where you’re a head to toe highlighter. Please leave these hideous colors and styles in the summer, along with your tan, and just get ready for appropriately-Fall colors.


The last, and in my opinion, the worst trend that hasn’t died but very much needs to, is the biker shorts look. Hallmarked by the Kardashian-Jenners, this weird look is the trendy advancement of old workout clothes, where mid-thigh bike shorts get paired with what is essentially a matching sports bra. There is absolutely nothing attractive, fashionable, or acceptable about this look, and I can’t even say to keep it in the gym, because it certainly doesn’t belong there either. The same way everyone realized that those mid-thigh denim shorts we all used to wear in middle school suddenly weren’t cute anymore, this is the time to do that with the bike short equivalent of this awkward length item. These overgrown spandex shorts look like a fitted jumpsuit that someone cut the legs and middle section off of, and called it an outfit. I already hate the athleisure wear look, so combining that with what is basically half a pair of leggings and a bra, is just not fashionable. Look, want to wear a sports bra out? Fine, but at least just wear it with either leggings or normal spandex; this in between length should’ve never come back into style. 


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