The Most Underrated Brand Participating in this NYFW

By André Angeline

This weekend, New York Fashion Week is going to be doing two very important things: it’ll cause Uber prices to skyrocket in Manhattan over the weekend and will give a huge platform to many successful yet underrated brands. While all of the brands involved in this week’s schedule are unique and have a fantastic craft in their own respects, there is one brand that will be participating that has been catching my eye in these past few months with their avant-garde designs, LaQuan Smith. 


LaQuan Smith: LaQuan Smith is a New York native, hailing from the beautiful and diverse borough of Queens. This brand debuted only six years ago and has been worn by icons of our time to the likes of Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Keke Palmer. His pieces are a level above articulate in their expression and look a lot like what fast fashion brands,  Forever 21 in particular, are doing. What upsets me the most surrounding LaQuan Smith is that he has a devoted, strong following, only among the upper-end of the fashion community and many female celebrities, but the stealing of his designs lead to nearly zero talk about this brand. To be blunt, it’s unfair, and it sucks. What’s fascinating to me about his brand that draws in people our age is the way he goes about hitting these trends to a tee. Smith is not only a huge fan of fashion, but he loves in the arts in general. He often discusses his love for film, he’s a movie buff, and is not afraid to hide it; he shows it through his designs. He draws inspiration from themes of movies, he notices trends and patterns in their styling, not in a fast-fashion way of seeing a lot of camo and then mass producing camo, Smith does it in a way of designing in an artistic way that reflects themes of movies in the modern-day, it’s very calculated. Some of these movies that he cites as inspiration is Clueless and Bring It On. In an interview with Vogue, Smith says, “All I do is watch movies in my downtime, but I didn’t want to do anything that referenced them directly.” LaQuan Smith is passionate about filmography and the art it represents and builds, and hopes to do the same through his fashion catered to our generation.


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