National Air & Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center The Udvar-Hazy Center is considered a “companion facility” to the Smithsonian museums located out in Chantilly, Virginia. Just one of the many exhibits in the Udvar - Hazy Center is the Aerobatic Flight, which will teach you about modern precision flying maneuvers used by military fighter tactics and aircraft technology as well as show how pilots fly aerobatics for fun, competition, or air show performances ‘cause like “yo let’s flip this plane upside down” was someone’s actual thought of a good idea. There is also the new Clouds in a Bag exhibit which explores the invention of the balloon in the late 18th century and how people actually used to watch one balloon after another carrying the first human beings into the air (for just some reason thought they didn’t have this as the typical science fair project in any later centuries). There are many more, of which we are excited to explore at the Founder’s Ball like Human Spaceflight, Aerobatic Flight, Ultralight Aircraft, Rockets and Missiles, Space Science, Rich Drunk People and Their Privilege Taking Flight (Provided by AU Alum) and many more! What we’re most excited about though is probably the Observation Tower, let’s see if it’ll be open to us, but main takeaway here is that the provided transportation is #TheMove because this venue is quite the hike, it’s basically all the way in outer space itself.  


Since the start of our freshmen year in the fall of 2018, we noticed the social miscommunication among students in the district. Being freshmen in the capital, there are so many things that are offered but no platform that organizes it for college students. After becoming...


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