Wawa: The Gold Standard 

By Aylon Berger

As a proud Jersey Boy, it’s always painful for me to admit it when Pennsylvania gets something right. Let’s face it, the state is pretty unreliable in the Electoral College, and their sports fans are objectively the worst. When it comes to regional convenience stores, PA-based Wawa is in a league of its own. Lucky for us, one just opened in Tenleytown right by the Whole Foods and the AU Metro stop.


Now, you might be asking yourselves, what’s all the fuss about a convenience store? Unlike your typical, run down convenience store, Wawa’s interior is sleek, modern and clean, and they host of tasty and affordable food options that transcend the gas-station food genre. 


A highlight is the ability to order customizable, quality sandwiches for far cheaper than you would at Subway. The meatball and spicy Italian hoagies were of particular note. 


Aside from delicious sandwiches, Wawa has top quality coffee. For under $3, you can get a large cup of one of Wawa’s 18 different types of high-end simple origin coffees from all over the world. 


Wawa truly excels at having a huge variety of snacks. They’ve got typical college mainstays like soft pretzels, a vast array of iced teas, fresh cookies, every TastyKake product known to man, and tons of ice cream. They’ve also have healthier options including nuts and fresh fruit. The best part? It’s open 24/7 and accepts EagleBucks. 


To quote Joyce DeCerce in the AU Meme group, “Death to POD, glory to Wawa.” 


Be sure to check it out. It is sure to become a Tenleytown staple. 


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