What are the best uniforms in sports?

By PJ Chandra

$7,383,321,248.82. That is how much money is made from the four biggest sports leagues in America today in terms of selling just jerseys. Folks, the NFL ($2.5, Billion) NBA (2 Billion), MLB ($2 Billion) and NHL ($1 Billion) make incredible profits on jerseys and some of the top selling jerseys include Tom Brady, Lebron James, Bryce Harper, and Sidney Crosby of the sports listed respectively. Teams usually have two to three primary uniforms they wear throughout the season, and fans mostly end up buying the home jerseys for most of the teams since they are more colorful and have a better aesthetic to them. However, which are the best jerseys in all of sports? Through a compilation of my always objective opinion, along with the asking of dozens of AU students and alumni, here are the consensus top five jerseys. 


San Francisco Giants (MLB)

In general, what goes into a good uniform isn’t necessarily just the aesthetic appeal of it. From the logo to the color matching scheme that is used is equally as important and if there is a special patch as well that can commemorate something important to the organization. For the San Francisco Giants uniform, upon their move from New York, in 1958 the Giants retained the same uniform look as their New York uniform and they’ve had this aesthetically appealing orange, black, and white uniform since 2001 and they’ve won three World Series titles since. As for the uniform itself, The lettering adds an accent color of gold to the orange and black outline and both home and road uniforms use black and orange piping around the collar


Portland Trail Blazers (NBA)

Following a championship in 1977, the Portland Trail Blazers added the iconic blaze strip to their uniforms in a diagonal pattern. ‘Rip City,’ the nickname of the Trail Blazers was coined by the team's play-by-play announcer Bill Schonely back in 1971 in a game against the Lakers when he said, “Rip City! All Right!”As for the uniform itself, it is highly regarded due to the aesthetic appeal of the striped logo with multiple colors on it. 


New Orleans Saints Color Rush Uniforms (NFL)


The color rush uniforms were introduced to the NFL in 1964, but For the 2016 NFL season, it was expected that all 32 teams would now participate. For the Saints, this gold and white beauty was shown off in 2016 in Week 5 receiving rave reviews. Senior at AU, Jeremy Meyer says, Not only are the jerseys aesthetically pleasing to the fans, but the players feel better when wearing them, and they will play with more motivation. Out of 7 games the saints have worn these jerseys, they have won 6, over a span of nearly 4 years.”


Chicago Blackhawks (NHL)


The Chicago Blackhawks, one of the original six NHL teams, have arguably the coolest logo in all of sports and it is absolutely made to perfection. As sophomore Joe Kelly puts it, “I love the Blackhawks jersey because the color scheme of black and red works perfectly together and the Blackhawk logo is iconic.”


Pittsburgh Steelers Color Rush (NFL)

As mentioned before, the color rush uniforms which had their debut three years ago, received positive reactions for some teams (Patriots and Falcons) and mixed reactions for others (Seahawks and Jaguars). Black in general for sports uniforms is intimidating and usually is worn by teams to make statements and the Steelers color rush has an amazing blend of black and bright, honeybee yellow that portrays a sharp contrast in color variations.


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