Winter Coats 

By Andre Angeline

Let’s get real, its brick outside. I’m from Upstate New York, and even this temperature down here in the district combined with the wind is just not it. I feel like it’s attacking me. Anyways, growing up in even more brutal weather, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to keep warm in the cold, but let’s bring some fashion into this. Below I’m going to tell you where to look and where to NOT look for some nice coats that’ll keep you warm and look good.



Don’t: Let’s start with the obvious one, Canada Goose. Whenever I see someone with these I just have one thing to say, really? Paying 1000 dollars or more for a day coat first off is just wrong lol. Additionally, they look kind of, basic. Not just because of the surplus of kids on campus that wear them, but because there’s nothing special about the way they look. They look like a coat you get in Land’s End with a special logo slapped on there. Additionally, that brand is CRUEL! They trap thousands of coyotes out in the wild for hours, then wait until they die. They suffer on their own until the succumb to lifelessness. Then, they skin the coyotes and you get your coat. If you’re a sensible person, that’s not the move.


Another brand to not go for is Zara. I have a good amount of stuff from there, but it’s mostly stuff I wouldn’t be to pressed about if it were to break because let me tell you… stuff from Zara BREAKS and I had to learn that the hard way. My pants pocket zippers both fell out and a turtleneck I had ripped in 2 seconds. I learned the hard way with they coats… the zipper jammed in the middle of the coat, and the second side of the coat that I zipped up… go stuck… in it? I had to shimmy out of there like a ho in church. Nothing from there lasts forever. 


Do: Get a coat from Moncler, if you’re feeling like treating yourself, like really treating yourself. They’re expensive but if hey you are expensive, go for it. They’re really dope, they make every color you can think of with dozens of designs for coats. They’re very puffy, stand out, and look so shiny like a window after fresh Windex. You can see stars like Billie Eilish, Travis Scott, Kendall Jenner, or more in these jackets. There’s a store in CityCenter if you feel compelled to see them in person.


An affordable brand to get these is the love of my life, UNIQLO. I swear by UNIQLO to get the bases of a lot of my outfits. UNIQLO coats are so cheap! They cost just like if you were to buy it from Forever 21, but it actually looks good! They have all sizes and colors, and some with really cool designs if you’re feeling “edgy”. They have UNIQLOs all over DC, you’ll find one. They are also very neutral too for an everyday coat or jacket so you can look like a normal person and not the Michelin Man. Go for it!


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