College YouTubers to Watch

By Jessa Munis

If you’re anything like me, it takes a lot to get yourself to get stuff done. One way that I have found to motivate myself is by watching a lot of college YouTubers. It’s awesome to see people in the same situation as you, doing school work, working, and trying to figure out their lives. It’s also nice to sit and watch someone else be productive while you procrastinate. Here’s a list of my favorite college YouTubers that you should definitely check out during your next study break. 


Eve Cornwell

UK law student Eve Cornwell studied at the University of Bristol. Eve makes content about the process of becoming a lawyer in the UK. Check her out to see content surrounding study skills, productivity, and law school! Also, check out her coffee line, Millennial Coffee Club!

Brooke Miccio

Brooke Miccio is a recent grad from UGA currently working in marketing in Boston. Brooke makes ‘lifestyle’ content, mostly surrounding sorority life, beauty and fashion, and life after graduation.


Paige Kaiser

AU’s very own Paige Kaiser is a fashion and college YouTuber. Only a freshman, Paige makes content about the transition to college, including preparing for dorm living!

Abby Asselin

Abby Asselin is a senior at the University of Alabama. She mostly posts daily vlogs, makes content about college and interning life and fashion and beauty. She also has an adorable dog!


Eve Bennett

Another UK based YouTuber, Eve Bennett studies German and Spanish at Oxford. She makes studytube videos about productivity, studying, and mental health as a student at a top university. Eve has amazing advice on how to maintain your grades and your sanity at the same time.


Rumi - Imurgency

A little closer to us, GW youtuber Rumi makes content spilling the truth about college living. Rumi shares everything from how to budget at college to what syllabus week is really like, and is currently smashing as one of very few male college YouTubers. 


These YouTubers are definitely worth a watch! Check them out!


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